David Britland

David Britland is a freelance writer and consultant specialising in all areas of deception, including psychology, magic, the paranormal, con tricks and illusion. He has written books on magic for magicians and worked as a researcher, writer and producer in British television, including Channel 4’s alternative magic show, The Secret Cabaret and Granada’s James Randi: Psychic Investigator. For HTV he developed two series of Something Strange and a long running Meridian/Anglia series The Magic & Mystery Show – this before The X-Files turned the paranormal into a bandwagon.

He has also taken a more serious look at the paranormal in several science documentaries developed for Channel 4’s Equinox series, ranging from the world of the superpsychic to the technology employed in theme parks and a sceptical documentary about hypnosis entitled The Big Sleep. David Britland is also the force behind the BBC3 series, The Real Hustle that he developed along with Matt Crook and Objective Productions, and is a consultant producer for the hugely popular Derren Brown shows.

In 2005 he was awarded a Literary Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Arts.

Books by David Britland
Sherlock Holmes and the Mayfair Murders